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'And the First Shall be Last...'

YESTERDAY has gone...

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Download Complete Collected  Works!

Download Complete Collected Works!

and TOMORROW may never come:

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Hot off  the Press...

Hot off the Press...

so only TODAY is mine...and YOURS!”

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   In other words – and more to the point –

                 YESTERDAY is history,

                                       TOMORROW  is a mystery, but (even MORE to the point)

                                                        TODAY is a GIFT:

                                                                       that’s why we call it the PRESENT,

                                                                                     GOD’s present.

   For in fact,

                  whether we are aware of it or not,

                                   God IS…

                                                God is ALWAYS…

                                                                 God is always and eternally


                 And hence our ultimate aim should be

                         to live with and in the present,

                                  also known as understanding

                                                          and becoming His Gift.

Biography of Khyentse 5

(Kenneth Belton)

Yes, yesterday has gone, and our  tomorrows

may never come, and so this day is given to us

to be lived wholly and holily.